Draft Agenda

Joint CHUGADUG at Merced College (08/01/2018 - 08/02/2018)


Day 1 ( 08/01/2018 )
09:00 AMWelcome - General Session
Opening Session. Ellucian will present "Colleague, Today and Beyond".
GeneralAaron Stafford, Shannon Shank, Kristy Elliot
10:10 AMEnsuring Accuracy
In this session, Southwestern College will share its developed and developing practices between IT and Institutional Research (IR) for improving MIS data accuracy.

CORE/MISBriana Todhunter
10:10 AMCCCCO Grant processing
Find out about the consolidated Student Success Completion Grant. Can Colleague prorate on a 12-15 unit scale? Ruby Nieto from the Chancellors Office will join us to share the latest on the proposed changes to this grant. Learn what we will need to do in set-up to process this grant.

FARuby Nieto
10:10 AMSelf-Service Time Entry User Experience
Contra Costa Community College District is live on Self-Service Time Entry. we will share our experiences including system requirements, how we rolled it out to our employees and managers, how we use SQL Reporting Services as an integral piece of the process, and future plans.

HRKen Blaney
10:10 AMWhat's new with Colleague Student
In this session, we'll share the latest updates on recent Colleague Student deliveries, projects in flight, and future plans on the horizon.

STDebbie Smith
10:10 AMEssential Cybersecurity, SSO and Password Reset for Your Campus
It is clear that no organization is immune from malicious cyber attacks. Protecting against these while offering usability features like web-based SSO and self-service password reset does not need to bust your budget. Come see the latest features in PortalGuard version
VendorGregg Browinski and RJ Dalton
10:10 AMColleague Self-Service and WebAPI Performance Tuning
In this session, an Ellucian Technical Account Manager will cover the best practice recommendations for properly tuning Colleague Self-Service and Colleague WebAPI, WebAPI warmup script considerations, and leveraging Google Analytics.

TechAbel De La Garza
11:10 AMAre you ready for 2018 1098-T Reporting? Converting to & Managing Term Payments
Alert!! If you are not already processing term payments and balances, now is the time to convert. Delaying will only add to your workload at the end of 2018 to prepare your data for 1098-T box 1 reporting. The YCCD Team will outline the conversion process and step you through the best practices to manage term payments and balances. Maintenance will include archiving, reconciling and sponsor billing.

CFJeremy Salazar and Vicki Fontana
11:10 AMSatisfactory Academic Progress
Struggling with your SAP process? Come learn how to use rules, reports, and communication management to automate your SAP process. Let Colleague do the work for you!

FAKristina Godinez
11:10 AMWhat is New in Human Resources
In this session, you will get an overview of Colleague HR and Payroll release highlights from the past year, projects in flight and our plans for the future.

HRMarilyn Molter
11:10 AMZero Cost Textbook Implementation in WebAdvisor
This Session will give a basic walk through of how College of the Canyons Implemented the Zero Cost Text books sections and search function in Web Advisor to comply with Senate Bill 1359.

TechMark Garcia
11:10 AMReconciling FA Data
One of the hardest parts of MIS FA submission is reconciling BOG (now Promise) numbers. Merced College will present their methodology.

CORE/MISTraci Veyl
11:10 AMCommunication Management and Academic Standing
Come see how Ohlone College uses Colleague Communication Management to streamline notification and tracking of academic standing and BOG fee waiver eligibility. The college recently streamlined its old process to now use rule-based emails that dynamically insert content relevant to a student’s academic standing and BOG eligibility status. The session will provide a brief overview of the basics of Communication Management, as well as a few more advanced features.

STKathleen Schoenecker
11:10 AMBeyond Imaging: The Next Generation of Paperless
Beyond Imaging: The Next Generation of Paperless
VendorTom O'Rourke
01:10 PMEllucian MIS Update
Come learn about recent and upcoming Colleague releases regarding MIS.

CORE/MISBrett Goldman
01:10 PMPurchasing 101
This session was requested by popular demand at the summer 2017 conference. The YCCD team will guide you step by step through the Colleague requisition, purchasing, and vendor management screens.

CFVicki Fontana
01:10 PMSelf-Service Time Entry Employee Migration Proxy
Contra Costa Community College District is now live on Self-Service Time Entry. One area that requires planning and resources is employee migration. Another area that is quite different from Web Time Entry is the approval process and the use of employee proxies. This session will cover both areas and will include discussions on the tools we used to make the transition as smooth as possible.

HRKen Blaney
01:10 PMEllucian Technical Account Manager (TAM) Program
Learn more about Ellucians Technical Account Management (TAM) program, which is Ellucians white glove support offering. The program provides customers with a dedicated technical expert who will provide proactive guidance and support, insight and planning, and assist with technical issues that arise on a day to day basis. The goal of the TAM program is for customers to derive maximum value from your Ellucian software and provide operational assurance.

TechAbel De La Garza
01:10 PMWhat time is it… 320, Series 1 (Current Model)
Come learn CCFS 320 Attendance reporting basics from an Admissions and Records perspective: FTES, Contact Hours, Attendance Accounting Procedures, Reporting Timeline, Annualizers and Summer Shift.

STBrian Orlauski
01:10 PMAutomate your Missing Info Letter
Avoid the need to run PCB or PCEX daily to send out Communication Management emails assigned by tracks. Come find out how Mount St. Marys sends e-mails out daily through simple automation.

FAKimberly Pollard
01:10 PMEllucian Ethos Workflow Powered by Ethos
Ellucian Workflow powered by Ethos is the second new enterprise solution to be built on the Ethos Platform. Ellucian Workflow is a cloud-based business process management and workflow solution that empowers you to define and execute business rules outside a single application. The solution is a web-based and leverages Ethos Integration, Identity and the Data Model, Ellucian Workflow to automate process across your institution. The solution is a web-based form designer that has a drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to create robust forms without writing any code and is mobile ready.

Discover how this cloud-based product will allow you to create and manage workflows and business rules across your enterprise.
VendorChris Fontenot
03:10 PMBudget Self Service User Experience
Learn from Contra Costa Community College District the tips and tricks for moving forward with budget self service. Includes user experience, setting up roles for organizations and users and more.

CFKen Blaney
03:10 PMCal Grant ISIR Automation
Wouldnt it be great if your Cal DREAM Act ISIRs were imported automatically? Find out who is doing it and more importantly, find out how your college can stop doing all that manual work.

FATim Bonnel
03:10 PMSG Part 1: Existing Fields
Learn how to populate the current SG fields.

CORE/MISNina Eusebio/Andrea Hall-Cuccia
03:10 PMEllucian Talent Management Suite
The Ellucian Talent Management Suite is a comprehensive technology solution that helps institutions manage the complete employee lifecycle—from recruiting through career development. This sophisticated talent management solution, developed by Cornerstone OnDemand, is customized to meet the unique needs of higher education professionals. Join us to learn more.

HRPaul Huizenga
03:10 PMCustomizing Self-Service - Dealing with the Impact of Customizations
Customizing WebAdvisor was straighforward, even if it required IT resources to maintain. With the new Self-Service model, the impact of customizing has increased dramatically. Come and see how MSJC has been dealing with the competing interests of making the tool our own, while balancing the costs of even minor changes.

TechAaron Stafford
03:10 PMWhat time is it… 320, Series 2 (Current Model)
Come learn CCFS 320 Attendance reporting practices from an Information Technology perspective: CA3P Parameters, funding methods, automating the work file, exception reports and Exhibit C.

STBrian Orlauski
03:10 PMTranscript Processing Made Easy
Transcript Processing Made Easy
VendorKevin Mullen and Tony Mirabelli
04:10 PMSelf Service Update
Colleague Self-Service transforms the constituent experience at your institution from students to faculty and staff. Take this opportunity to learn what has been delivered and the new functionality! From profile information to the graduation application, faculty grading and attendance tracking and everything in between, we will provide you with a high level overview. If you have started implementing Colleague Self-Service but aren’t sure where to go next we will provide some tips as well.

FA, CF, HR, Tech, STKristy Elliott
04:10 PMSpecial Populations (SG) Part 2--New Fields
Join a discussion about how colleges are populating the new fields.

CORE/MISAndrea Hall-Cuccia, Nina Eusebio
04:10 PMEllucian Analytics powered by Ethos – A Game Changer for Higher Education
A SaaS solution built on a single data source across applications, departments, personas all while using the best of the best market ‘tools’. Ellucian Analytics is purpose built for higher education processes and users. It allows for a different way of working with data, provides easy access to related data [views] and dynamically changes planning and decision-making on campuses throughout the higher education industry. No matter who pulls data from where and for what purpose, everyone is drawing from the same pool of information, updated in real time.
VendorChris Fontenot
06:00 PMTaste of the Central Valley Reception
A reception will be held at Vista Ranch and Cellars, 7326 CA-140, Merced, CA 95340. This sponsored event includes food, wine tasting, and live entertainment. Flyer with full details at http://php.yccd.edu/4cug/files/Summer 2018 - Reception.jpg
ALLMerced College

Day 2 ( 08/02/2018 )
09:10 AMVendor and Encumbrance Management
CFVicki Fontana
09:10 AMYear Around Pell Grant Processing
Looks like year around Pell Grants are here to stay. Find out how one college is processing summer as both a header and a trailer. Learn our challenges, work-arounds, and tips and tricks. Come share your colleges process and how we can help each other.

FAChris Cortes
09:10 AMMIS 101
Introduction to MIS reporting.

CORE/MISNina Eusebio
09:10 AMUsing Colleague Web API from .NET, An Easy Approach to Custom Development
The Colleague Web API is quickly becoming the backbone of all new products released by Ellucian for Colleague customers. Because of this, it’s very natural to consider using it for your own in-house development efforts. If you are using .NET technologies, it can be even easier than you think. In this session we will discuss how to use Ellucian's delivered .NET libraries to streamline any .NET development that uses the Web API. We will also discuss a simple methodology for code maintenance amidst Ellucian's aggressive quarterly release cycle.

TechMatthew Cervantes
09:10 AMSARS Community Group Discussion Part 1
Merced College and Napa Valley College would like to invite you to join peers to discuss experiences, share ideas and get feedback about how other colleges are leveraging SARS in their institutions. We encourage participants to email specific questions, comments or best practices to us ahead of time. Contact Renee Sicard @ rsicard@napavalley.edu or Jeanette Martin @ martin.j@mccd.edu with inquires or for more information. Time permitting, we will preview the new SARS Community Forum being developed by Merced College. Come join the conversation!

STJeanette Martin/Renee Sicard
09:10 AMInformer Solutions
Informer 5: Modern Data Exploration and Analytics for Ellucian Software
VendorPam Barker
09:10 AMTravel and Expense
Come learn more about Ellucian® Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River. Ellucian TEM helps you establish appropriate travel and expense policies, encumber travel funds, authorize expenditures, process reimbursements, electronically store supporting attachments, and manage approvals—all from an easy-to-use SaaS solution that is flexible and configured according to institutions’ defined processes. Designed with responsive design technology, Ellucian TEM can be accessed from any device, including the ability to upload receipts directly from a mobile device.

CF, HRPaul Huizenga
10:10 AMCF Round Table
Wrap up Time! Bring your questions and pressing issues, as well as ideas for the next conference. These sessions always are very informative as we share our experiences and information with each other.
CFOpen Discussion
10:10 AMBOG SAP processing
This session will cover how El Camino College utilizes PERC and BILL to manage the loss of fee waiver.  We will cover workflow, communication management, and reports.  Linda Detwiler, Financial Aid User Support Technician, will co-present to provide technical information also.

FAMelissa Guess and Linda Detwiler
10:10 AMCommon MIS Errors
Learn tips for correcting common MIS errors. Bring your questions, maybe someone can help!

CORE/MISAndrea Hall-Cuccia
10:10 AM5 (or more) in 50
Five-plus topics in 50 minutes. This session provides introductory information on a variety of topics including Copying an Enrollment Period in Benefit Enrollment Online, Setting Up Taxable Benefits and Limits, how to activate the CSV file in CALC, W-2 and 1095-C Admin View in Self-Service and Performance Reviews (Lite). As time permits we will also discuss recent CalPERS and CalSTRS changes and concerns (and continue the discussion in the next hour).

HRKen Blaney
10:10 AMCustomizing Ellucian Portal
SORRY - This session has been canceled
TechMichael Davis
10:10 AMSARS Community Group Discussion Continued Part 2
This session is intended to be a continuation of Part 1; not a repeat. We will continue to discuss other SARS products and how other colleges are leveraging SARS in their institutions. We will wrap up this session with a demo of the new SARS Community Forum hosted by Merced College for participant feedback. This tool is being designed to give the SARS community a collaborative space to ask questions, share knowledge and get feedback on all things SARS. Come join the conversation!

STJeanette Martin/Renee Sicard
10:10 AMeLumen
Learn how colleges are using eLumen's curriculum, assessment, and student pathways modules to create an intentionally-designed academic success model—including seamless integration with Colleague and other SIS's and LMS's
VendorMitchell Shively and Matt Coombs
11:10 AMWhat is new with Colleague Finance?
RESCHEDULED FROM DAY 1! In this session, you will get a checklist of Colleague Finance conference highlights, a quick update of what has happened over the past year, and a look at what Ellucian is working on for the future.

CFMarilyn Molter
11:10 AMFA Roundtable
Wrap up time! This session is about sharing information and planning for the next conference. What topics do you what to see or are you willing to present? The FA Track is in desperate need of both a Northern and a Southern track leader - Are you ready to volunteer?
FAOpen Discussion
11:10 AMMIS Roundtable
Join us for an open discussion on MIS. Bring your questions and ideas to share.
CORE/MISOpen Discussion
11:10 AMHR Round Table
Wrap up the conference with this question and answer session with your colleagues. Bring your questions and pressing issues. These sessions always are very informative as we share our experiences and information with each other.
HROpen Discussion
11:10 AMTech Round Table
TechOpen Discussion
11:10 AMST Roundtable
Wrap up the day with this popular session where users share whatever is on their mind in an informal, round-table format.
STOpen Discussion